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David Watson

David has been in the credit union industry for almost 30 years, helping institutions from $10 million to over $1 billion manage risks. Whether it's loan quality and portfolio management, commercial and mortgage lending underwriting and operations, profitability, regulatory demands, strategic planning,  ALM, ERM, or internal audit planning and assistance, David has helped - and he can help you, too.

History and Background

Through three different paths within one credit union-focused career, David always has been consulting with his clients.  A long tenure in risk management with America's only  private deposit insurer provided exposure to many different states throughout the country - and an  understanding that solutions are developed on a case by case basis,  not a one size fits all basis.  Tenure with a large regional CPA firm in the Midwest, nurturing its credit union niche practice; and, a short stint within a community bank and credit union practice of a national investment banking company, provided additional consulting opportunities.

Mission and Focus

Listening and planning - these are the first goals that need accomplished through any successful consulting relationship. David strongly believes that each project deserves its own strategy, allowing delivery of the highest quality product at the best value to the client.

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